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Hello There,

The United Brotherhood was formed out of the ashes of 'The Phoenix Company" which was an elite group of gamers who played Medal of Honor Spearhead for over 5 years with membership staying consistently active. When new Leadership started, it was decided to retire the name "Phoenix Company" out of respect for our Founders and continue with the remaining members as United Brotherhood, and thus United Brotherhood was born.

After years of trial and error in building a system that is suited for the group. We now know what we look for in a player that wishes to join United Brotherhood. These are the trademarks we look for when a potential new member wants to join the group:


We are a group that doesn’t cares about k/d., or how amazing someone is. We are a group that cares about teamwork, while having fun and creating an amazing team. Your game play and personality are your biggest assets. We look for members that want to participate on our activities, players that join the squads UB members are in, no matter what server they are in. Players that follow our rules and above all making sure your personality goes with how we are here. We don't tolerate cheaters, if we catch you cheating, you are out of the group, period. If you disrespect anyone on any server you will be suspended. Repeated offense will lead to a dismissal from the group.

We have weekly meeting/practice every Friday at 8.00 pm est. time. On these meeting/practice we usually discuss the topic of the day. Whether it’s a new proposal, idea or incident, it is all talked about then. Every =]UB[= member has the right to speak. We do things in order and with no disrespect. We also do our promotions that day (new members that don’t show up for Friday meetings, don’t get promoted, and they will have to wait for the next meeting. For potential new members, it is very important that you know this.

Nothing is mandatory, we do ask though, if you can’t make it to the meeting, post in the forums on the appropriate topic that you will not be able to attend the meeting. We do this because on Fridays it is usually use this to know who is around for practice, matches or working on current projects like the =]UB[= Video. By posting you can't make it, we will know who will be around for whatever it is we are doing at that time. If you miss a meeting you miss out on having a say on clan decision. Members are always encouraged to suggest new and different ideas, whether it be for the Game, Server or Group as a whole. Every voice is heard. However, final decisions are left up to the Admins of the group.

Forum Conduct:

o When posting on United Brotherhood forum, stop and think first. If you are upset, angry, or just in a general foul mood, do not take it out in our forum. Posts of these natures will be deleted without warning.

o Respect at all times, does this mean you cannot disagree with someone? No it does not. However there is a respectful way of disagreeing and an unacceptable way of disagreeing choose wisely when posting or consequences will be enforced.

o Any content considered “R” rated or above is not allowed on United Brotherhood’s Forum. United Brotherhood is a family oriented group of people and will not tolerate violations of this nature. Accounts will be Suspended and or Banned for good from the site.

o If a United Brotherhood member has a complaint and/or issue then send a private message to an admin of the group. DO NOT post your complaint in the forum. These posts will be deleted and ignored.

o Threatening posts to others or even expressing harm to you will be considered life endangerment. All IP’s will be logged and given to the proper authorities so that a more in depth investigation can be given then what =]UB[= can offer.

Probationary Recruitment Form:

When asking to be recruited you must post in the recruitment section of our forum and provide the following information:

o Gamer Name:
o Age:
o Preferred weapon:
o Preferred kit:
o Time zone:
o Area of the world you live:
o Times you are on to play:
o Battlelog/Origin:
o Steam*:
o Microphone Yes/No:
o How did you hear about us:

By posting all this information it gives =]UB[= Recruiters an idea what works as advertising for the group. We have recruiters that always look for venues to promote us as a group, which is why your information is very important to us.

o Once a player is recruited they are not a United Brotherhood member until they are finished probation term (1 month). This means they are being looked at to becoming a full-fledged member. All probation players are screened for cheating and undergo a minimum of 1 month probation period. During this time your game play, activity and personality will be evaluated by all members. If we can tell you’re not going to make the cut, we won’t use the entire month but rather let you know sooner. This makes the process more efficient.

General Rules and Regulations

These are the following rules, regulations, and an overall code of conduct that is expected to be followed by all members of United Brotherhood.

General Group Conduct

o You will be respectful towards members of United Brotherhood, and the guests that populate our servers.

o You will not hack or exploit in any way, shape, or form.

o You are held responsible for your identity (GUID) if you get banned for hacking or cheating, you will be removed from the United Brotherhood.

o Post to play, if you want to be a part of our weekly events, there is always a forums thread that is posted. Those interested should always put their name down, if you don’t, you won’t get to play that event even if you show up.

o Players that don't Post to Play will be able to view the practice on spectator mode but will not be able to participate in the practice, but will be able to participate on the run down after the practice.

o If United Brotherhood members have a complaint about another player please send a message to an Admin.
o Anyone with complaints about another person needs to be prepared to provide proof as best they can, screen shots, witnesses, or whatever. Identities will be protected if requested. We do not want to lose members over simple misunderstandings that could easily be cleared up through a mediator.

o On Leave, when a member is “on leave” meaning he can’t be around due to work, life, school… they need to post on our “on leave” section in the forums, by doing this, you reserve your spot within the group. On leave has a shelf life of 3 months, If this time passes and you’re still not available, then you’ll have to repost for another 3 months. There are no extentions after that. If you don’t revise your post on due time you’ll receive a post by an Admin asking about your status. Failing to reply can end on removal from the group due to inactivity. When your back from “On Leave” always remember to post under the “Welcome Back” section indicating your on leave is over. this helps us to know who is back and who isnt.

o Practice/Matches Slots, our participation rule is simple, you post.. You play, You don't, you cant play (even  if you show up). When you post you secure a spot on our team and you’re able to participate in that activity. The way we do it is in player post order meaning you are added to the list as names are being posted on the thread. We reserve the last 2 slots for probation member to play (1 slot if we are 12 or under), the post however is not unlimited. The team list gets locked every Friday morning (12 noon) those who post after that don’t get to be a part of that team (however, they can spectate the practice then give us their run down of what they saw while on spectate mode) Posting to play gives us the the admins get the team set up with squad preparation, game mode, ability to set up our practice, player count, participation, deciding on server play and such. Every member should always know that we all work together, this is the secret to our success, when we fail to do so, everyone gets affected by it.

o Posting to Play and NOT showing up, when a player posts to play and he is a no show for the match (he also didn’t post that he wouldn’t make it) it is placed as an earmark on your name. If this happens again, you won’t be considered to play in the next match. Always make sure you let us know so that the team doesn’t suffer over others mistakes or inability to post. If repeat offences occur, you will not be considered for future matches.

o The most important thing to remember on our website, forum, or game server is to use common sense. Think before you type, Your personality plays an important part of this, we will know by what you say or act if you are =]UB[= material.

o Your activity will be evaluated. We try to have active members in order to ensure slots for events as well as fill the server.


o The group is comprised by 1 Leader and Admins (no specific number).

o We have full admin and leader cooperation to always bring the best result, we work as a team not a dictatorship.

o All Admin meetings occur at 7 PM EST.

o Admins are responsible for setting up matches between =]UB[= and other Clan/Company’s

o Admins are responsible for letting =]UB[= Members know of upcoming matches, training, and/or scrimmages.

o Admins are responsible for handling any problems within their respected areas.

o Admins are responsible for handling any problems within the server. They have the responsibility to ban those who are hacking, cheating or disturbing the fun, friendly competition. They are also responsible for keeping the peace on our server and our teamspeak.

o Admins are responsible for everything that =]UB[= stands for. They MUST always lead by example. Their mood, behavior and attitude must always be a positive one, always there to help other members to answer questions and above all to let others members know they can count on them for everything. An Admin must also know when to separate friendship from membership, and sometimes hard decisions will be made.

Retiring from United Brotherhood:

o Stop and think before posting retirement. All retirement posts has 24 hours to contact a forum admin to ask for the thread to be deleted.

o If contact with a forum admin is not made within 24 hours of the post then all =]UB[= access will be terminated. Forum access will still be allowed in the general sections.

o All players that retire will have a 6 month period before they are able to join us again. Those members that leave in a bad way, will not be able to join us again.

o Removal due to Inactivity: Those players removed from the group due to inactivity will have the opportunity to re-join, however, they will have to go through the same probation period and requirements as a probation member would. Be sure that you will be able to commit. This offer will only be extended once.

By accepting these Rules Regulations Above you agree to follow these rules and regulations.

Any deviation can result in but is not limited to a suspension to the Forums, Teamspeak and or Game Server for a set period of time or indefinitely. Which is to be determined by the Leader and Admin’s of the clan if such an incident rises to cause such actions to be required.

=]UB[= -Admin Team -