2018 UB Hoodies

Time for the fundraising, guys. Closing date on the fundraiser is the 25th of March. Order your hoodies here boys.

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New Rule Regarding On-Leave Posts

Per a vote taken 12/29/17; On-Leave posts will now only be valid for a period of 3 months. Leaves lasting longer than 3 months will be considered an Extended Period of Inactivity and will be subject to demotion to Duder status. Consideration for extenuating circumstances can be brought to an Admin’s attention and the Admin […]

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Genereal Meeting July 28

Alright folks, it’s that time again. Time for the Mid-year General meeting. This meeting is as important as it gets. It’s your chance to let Admins know what you feel about the direction the group is taking, and where you’d like it to go. We will have our General Meeting this Friday at 8:30pm Est! This […]

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UB Vs AOD July 21

FRIDAY CLAN MATCH!! Alright guys, this is it; our first official BF1 match. We’re going up against AOD, one of the few groups to give us problems. We need 16 on roster to make it happen, to sign up go here: http://united-brotherhood.net/topic/ub-vs-aod/ Practice time will be at 7.30pm est. Show up and be ready to go.

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Friday July 14

Alright My Homies! We are either going to have a clan match or a live practice this Friday. Either way, it will be a “post to play” event. Because it might be a clan match, signing up fast would be a very good thing to do. Don’t wait till the last minute., Which is FRIDAY, […]

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Friday, July 7th

The event you have all been waiting for. Tunnel wars  is coming to BF1. The route has been mapped out! Thank you Hoody and all the UB members that helped make it happen! Want to know whats it about? Sign up for the event! We are aiming 10 vs 10. As always, cutoff time for registration […]

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