Battlefield 1 Update October 24th

Here are the details of the Battlefield 1 Update 10242016. Unless specifically noted, these updates apply to all platforms. General Fix for one common and one uncommon client crash. Fixed a potential soft freeze in single player campaign connected to AI. Fixed an issue where players experienced getting stuck in the globe screen when cancelling […]

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Battlefield 1’s beta starts one day early if you’re a Battlefield Insider

We only found out yesterday that Battlefield 1’s open beta will kick off on August  31 and it turns out you’re in luck if you’re a Battlefield Insider. A tweet from the official Battlefield account has revealed that Insiders will get a headstart on the Battlefield 1 beta. 18 Jul Kenneth @KHargrove26 @Battlefield to try […]

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Watch the Battlefield 1 Gamescom livestream here

EA is planning another good-old fashioned skirmish Battlefield 1 livestream for its Gamescom 2016 pre-show, this time with an all-new map that goes far afield from the typical war torn France of World War 1 depictions. Unlike the E3 match, it probably won’t have Snoop Dogg and Zac Efron playing while blazed out of their […]

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Battlefield 1 vehicles trailer has a lot to be tank-ful for, it’s biplane to see

Driving a tank in Battlefield 1 is supposed to make you feel like a terror of ground warfare. Sure, the ridiculously boxy and bulky frame makes your ride look more like a rogue train car than anything most folks would associate with a modern war machine, but just let them poke fun until you come […]

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Battlefield 1 has loads of amazing little details you missed

It’s not like you have a chance to stop and really appreciate things in Battlefield 1 – what with all the shooting, gas and torturous screams of dying friends. If youwere able to though, then you’d find load of amazing little details that would probably get you killed if you stopped to look. Things like […]

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That ‘Battlefield 1 has a pigeon mode’ theory might actually have wings

If a video from March is to be believed then Battlefield 1 will have a multiplayer mode where you fight over pigeons. Yes, it does sound… unusual but a recent leak is starting to make it look like the theory might be legit. This week we covered a bunch of Battlefield 1 leaks showing weapons, […]

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