Battlefield 1 is going to fold all the current-gen Battlefield games into one big multiplayer platform. According to emails EA and DICE are sending to Battlefield players (via Reddit user Snowstandards), Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline will get updated console interfaces to link the three games together after Battlefield 1 comes out, making it easier to jump from one to another. Assuming you own them all, obviously.

The user interface update will also make it easier to create and stick to squads between matches, and add a “recommendation engine” to suggest other maps and modes. EA says the new UI will launch with Battlefield 1 on October 21 and will head to Battlefield Hardline after that.

Battlefield 4 is still a popular online shooter nearly three years after it came out. It’s cool to see EA treating its Battlefield games as complementary products by making it easy for folks to dip into modern combat (or cops and robbers chases) between their World War 1 battles. I hope Activision is paying attention for Call of Duty, especially as it starts to release remastered versions of old multiplayer favorites like Modern Warfare.

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