EA has announced Battlefield Hardline, a tactical Battlefield shooter akin to Counter-Strike and Pay Day. The game will offer both a singleplayer and multiplayer mode, where multiplayer will include game modes such as hostage rescue, banks robberies, and more.

Battlefield Hardline will be fully revealed at E3 on June 9, but a lot of details about the game have already been leaked. For example, we know that players will be able to purchase weapons before each round, just like in Counter-Strike.
Maps in Battlefield Hardline will focus on one or two large, key locations, such as a bank, a library, a museum, a car dealership, etc.

The game is developed by Visceral Games, the team behind the Dead Space series. Battlefield Hardline will be released this Fall on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. It will use Battlelog just like Battlefield 4 for its online and stats tracking features.
Since Battlefield Hardline is a spin-off from the main series, we expect Battlefield 4 to still be top priority at DICE. What do you think of the idea behind Battlefield Hardline?

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