Back in July, EA delayed Battlefield Hardline from Fall 2014 to early 2015, in order to make sure they don’t repeat the mistakes made with Battlefield 4, which suffered plenty of launch issues.

Now EA has announced a more specific Battlefield 4 release date: the game launches on March 17, 2015, on multiple platforms.

Battlefield Hardline is the first Battlefield game in a long time not to be developed solely by DICE — Hardline is developed by Visceral Games, known for the Dead Space series.

The Battlefield Hardline release date was revealed during EA’s earnings call today, where CEO Andrew Wilson said that the delay was not only to ensure proper game quality at launch, but also to “deepen the cops vs robbers” aspect of the game. Wilson said:

“We should go deeper with that fantasy and really deliver against that to a greater degree. What we’ve done is given the development team that time to go back in and really look at how to truly deliver on that cops and criminals kind of gameplay as it exists in a Battlefield world.”

What do you think of Battlefield Hardline so far? Will you be picking up the game on launch day in March? Let UB know what you think the upcoming game in the series will hold!

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