Battlefield 1 will link up with Battlefield 4 and Hardline multiplayer

Battlefield 1 is going to fold all the current-gen Battlefield games into one big multiplayer platform. According to emails EA and DICE are sending to Battlefield players (via Reddit user Snowstandards), Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline will get updated console interfaces to link the three games together after Battlefield 1 comes out, making it easier to […]

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EA wins lawsuit over Battlefield 4’s awful launch

Battlefield 4 launched a year ago, and it was pretty clear that things weren’t as they should have been. We all know the story by now, about Battlefield 4’s awful launch and how long it took to make the game playable. But while we as gamers complained a lot, there were people with a lot […]

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Fall Patch…Patch Notes!!!

The following tweaks and bug fixes apply across all platforms. However, PlayStation 3 and PC has unique fixes that you can find on the bottom of the post. GENERAL • Fix for a crash that could occur when entering a vehicle or using a gadget. • Improved soldier movement to closely match that of Battlefield […]

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This is a compiled list of what I feel are the most influential/noticeable changes that are coming to BF4 in the upcoming patch – coming to all platforms – changes which you should prepare yourself for! It is by NO means a fully detailed list, that would be doing disrespect to the sheer mind-boggling amount […]

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Battlefield 4 “Fall Patch” Coming Soon

Community Test Environment Update Our focus for the Fall Patch on the CTE (Community Test Environment) has been to stabilize and finalize the build and this has meant less updates than normal. We’d like to thank you all for your patience during this time – we appreciate you sticking in there. Fall Patch Highlights So […]

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Battlefield 4: Final Stand Official Reveal + Gameplay

We are ready to start talking about Battlefield 4: Final Stand, and we have a lot to talk about. In the Battlefield 4 Premium video we released a few months ago, we gave players their first glimpse at the high-tech action that awaits. In the weeks ahead we’ll also show you a lot more of […]

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