2018 UB Hoodies

Time for the fundraising, guys. Closing date on the fundraiser is the 25th of March. Order your hoodies here boys.

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New Rule Regarding On-Leave Posts

Per a vote taken 12/29/17; On-Leave posts will now only be valid for a period of 3 months. Leaves lasting longer than 3 months will be considered an Extended Period of Inactivity and will be subject to demotion to Duder status. Consideration for extenuating circumstances can be brought to an Admin’s attention and the Admin […]

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Friday Event

We will be practicing our medic fundamentals this friday, guys. Clear/cover, revives, and heals.

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Winter Update

NO BETTER WAY TO STAY WARM THAN WITH SOME HOT, NEW UPDATES We’re happy to share with you some of the features we’ve been working on the last couple of months. In the Battlefield 1 Winter Update we’re bringing back the ever-popular ribbons from previous Battlefield titles. We’ve also heard your request to up Class […]

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Ready for Preorder – Call of Shooter

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Closed Beta Started Today – Call of Shooter

Curabitur. Nisi ullamcorper nisl hendrerit sit blandit ligula nostra fames magnis gravida, at dictumst penatibus neque. Praesent sociis molestie mi pulvinar vulputate litora primis cum vivamus tincidunt porttitor imperdiet et turpis consectetuer lorem per orci risus fames est Id ad habitasse cras pretium fusce at pretium praesent ac iaculis fermentum pharetra lobortis malesuada facilisi condimentum […]

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2018 UB Hoodies

Genereal Meeting July 28


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