Picture this, you’re a medic in Battlefield 4 and you find several of your teammates down, each of them ready to revive. But which one of your pals most urgently needs to be revived before his timer runs out?

Until now, we had no way of knowing. The best thing you could do was to revive the guy closest to you and keep going. Now DICE is testing a new feature added to Battlefield 4 CTE, which shows a countdown timer of sort next to each revive option.
This small feature will no doubt help the medics out there to get their revive priorities right — knowing that they have enough time to get to the teammate and revive, or knowing which teammate to revive first.
The new revive feature is now live on the Battlefield 4 CTE (Community Test Environment). It doesn’t automatically mean that the feature will be added to the real game in the future, but we can see no reason why it shouldn’t be there — it has been requested by players since BF3.

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