Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth is the latest expansion pack and is scheduled for launch this Summer. Dragon’s Teeth focuses on urban combat, with most of the new maps set around cities and towns.

Like other Battlefield 4 DLC packs, Dragon’s Teeth includes four new maps, several new weapons and gadgets, and new awards and assignments as well.
We’ve rounded up all the new Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth content and details. The DLC will launch this Summer, likely at the end of June/beginning of July. Like other expansion packs, it will be free to Premium members, while regular players will have to pay $15.

New game mode
The new game mode is called Chain link, and is a variation of the popular conquest game mode. In Battlefield 4 Chain Link, players can link together several control points to cause the enemy’s tickets to expire faster. Extra points are awarded for completing chain links or breaking enemy chain links.

Dragon’s Teeth maps
Dragon’s Teeth includes four new maps. They are:

Lumpini Garden
Pearl Market
Sunken Dragon

Dragon’s Teeth weapons and gadgets

Dragon’s Teeth will introduce several new weapons, including the famous Desert Eagle pistol (which goes under the name
DEagle 44).

Desert Eagle
Unica 6 pistol
CS5 sniper rifle
MPX submachine gun
Bulldog assault rifle
Ballistic Shield gadget
RAWR bot (battle pickup)

The new weapons will be unlocked by completing the new assignments. You can find a list of the new assignments here and how to unlock the new guns.

Dragon’s Teeth awards and dog tags
The new awards will be unlocked through the new weapon — in other words, you need to use the new weapons to unlock the new awards. There will also be 5 new dog tags for regular players and 5 new dog tags for Premium members.

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