UB vs =US=

Match description

  • July 24, 2015, 10:00 PM
  • Official
This will be a 16vs16!!!
Date: 07/24/2015
Practice time: 9pm EST
Match time: 10pm EST
Map/Mode: Propaganda Conquest Small. 3 rounds. Hardcore mode.
Rules: No Flashbangs, Infantry only. Commanders are allowed, as part of your 16 members should you choose.
Platoon page: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/1724602995588086608/
Server: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/3cb9de50-3c8f-43bc-b097-5331acd6d51e/US-Practice-Server/

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