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    Hey guys long time no see! Been a while and just swung by to say hello to all you fools lol Saw the ten year reunion vid. Awesome idea, looks like you guys had a blast and a solid turnout! Been playing world of warships lately, pretty fun game, but am just getting back into FPS’ers. Might have to see if my comp is up to the task of BF1

    All is good with the family, Dad is doing good and so is the lil bro.


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    Hey Bandgeek! Yeah man its been a while!
    glad to head things are going well. you should shot by man
    have a laugh!, Rush is here all the time. And we haven’t seen
    ya in a while…

    10 Year was a lot of fun, working on the next reunion for next year.

    Get Bf1 you noob and join us! lol

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    GEEEKKKKK!!!!  Glad to hear that all is good bro!!!  Jump on Teamspeak sometime!

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