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    Lets face it, one of the best things about 2017 was your frontlines server. So far in the new year, its almost only been sanai 24/7

    I’m donating $20 to the United Brotherhood estate on behalf of the kagebot make a wish foundation for a better frontlines experience.

    I don’t have much to say, but trying to use a single action rifle to face tank uphill is one of my favorite hobbies; feel free to add me via Orgin if you’re assuming responsibility to populate your server and need more players.

    Best of luck to everyone in 2018

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    Agent Orange
    Agent Orange

    Right on man! glad you like our server and ty very much
    for the donation. we will be on our server tonight and
    try to get our server going on a daily basis.

    See you in our server later and again ty man!

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    Thanks for the donation man! 😀

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    Thanks for the donation man! Thank you for your continued support of UB! Hopefully we see a lot more of you in 2018, Kagebot!

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