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    Unfortunately, it seems I wont have enough time to rejoin y’all this year. I was hoping UB would continue posting montages and match recordings on YouTube so I could keep up even if I’m not directly involved. It seems y’all have fallen off of that. I personally enjoyed all the clips and funny moments and domination, hope you make a video soon.


    Love y’all


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    TIGER! Seriously though, good to hear from ya Tri. With Tiger’s change in career he’s lost access to some of the stuff he needed to make the videos. Things have been a little…chaotic in regards to getting filming done. We’re getting back into the scrim thing so..hopefully we’ll have some footage soon.

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    Nice to hear from you tridemt!
    check out our to year anniversary video. youll like it.

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    TRIDEMT!! Nice to hear from you man! I’m sure we’ll be able to sort out the whole video thing soon and we’ll have some stuff up for you to enjoy. In the meantime, do what AO said and check out the anniversary video!

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