We are really happy you have chosen to join United Brotherhood.

We know you are eager so we have made the process fast and simple. First ensure you qualify and meet our prerequisites.


•  You are joining with the intention of becoming a full member.

United Brotherhood requires all of its members to be 18+ years old.

Prospective members are required to have a working mic.


So you have checked our prerequisites?

You are now ready to sign up.

Join us on Discord by clicking the button provided. You will become a member of our team.

Please wait patiently whilst one of our staff members become available and they will welcome you to our community.

Once you have made contact with a Staff member in Discord you now need to create a new forums account.

Please ensure the name you use for your forums account is the same name you intend to use in Origin.

Once activated you will gain full access to the website and can introduce yourself on our forums! (Request to Join United Brotherhood section)

Activation of your account may take up to 24 hours. You will be messaged via e-mail once complete.

Once approved, you will become a probationary member of United Brotherhood. Probationary membership lasts for a period of no less than one month from the date you posted to join. This period gives us a chance to get to know you, and for you to get to know all of us. If you follow our rules, and fit in with our group dynamic, you will be promoted to a full member!

Get involved!

There are plenty of ways of getting involved in our community. From our 8PM EST Friday meetings, to keeping up with us on the forums or just playing Battlefield or just hanging out on Discord any day of the week. No matter how you choose to do so, we encourage you to be active and become a part of our Family!